Posted by Sam (YA Librarian) on June 19, 2012

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Back in December, I wrote about the number of books I had read in 2011. 57 books didn’t seem like a whole lot for me, so I set the goal of 100 for 2012. Since we’re halfway through the year, I thought it might be fun? helpful? interesting? to see where I’m at.

29 books! Yikes! I’m not even halfway there. At this rate, I won’t reach 100, but I am hoping that I’ll be able to dig in this summer. I’ve already read 6 books in June, so maybe things will turn around.

Here’s the breakdown:

Young Adult Fiction: 25

Children’s Fiction: 1

Adult Fiction: 2

Graphic Novels/Manga: 1

You can see what I’ve been reading on goodreads.