Posted by Sam (YA Librarian) on November 7, 2011

With a mere 5 days left until National Gaming Day (w00t!), I thought I’d showcase some of the games and systems we’ll be playing. Check back each day to see which cool game/system is featured.

Today’s awesomeness is the Nintendo 3DS. First, let me tell you that playing a model at a retail store is not at all the same as playing it here or at home. You can position the device so that you can actually see the 3D (as opposed to positioning yourself to see it). After a vote among various teens (okay, 4, but still it was unanimous), I chose the Flame Red. It’s awesome. I can’t say that enough. Our 3DS  collection is small but growing (Tetris, Nintendogs, Zelda, and a few others) – it’s worth a test for Face Raiders alone.


3ds (Pictured: Nintendo 3DS with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures)

If you don’t have time to stop by on Saturday, November 12 for National Gaming Day, don’t worry! The Nintendo 3DS will be available for use in the Library to anyone between grades 7-12. You must have a library card with access to unfiltered internet.