Posted by Gesiel (Teen Adviorsy Board Member) on July 10, 2012

Bakuman Bakuman – Tsugumi Ohba


Bakuman, a manga (Japanese graphic novel) from the creators of Death Note. If you’re a fan of Death Note, please don’t expect Bakuman to be similar, it’s not. It’s a comedy, Slice of life. I LOVED this series, you learn a lot about manga and how the manga industry works. I also enjoy the real life struggles that a person that decides to enter this business will face. The romance wasn’t shoujo, but still fun to read about. Also you see how friendship can blossom between rivals, and how there are time as friends, I should say as humans, we must give each other a push or a slap in the face so we can face reality. If you like comedy, this is a great manga to read indeed.