Meeting of the Board of Library Trustees of the La Grange Park Public Library District, June 26, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Library, 555 N. La Grange Road, La Grange Park, IL 60526

I.    Call meeting to order.

II.    Roll call.

III.    Introduction of visitor(s):

Roberta Richter, Business Manager, La Grange Park Public Library.
Dan Eallonardo, Construction Manager, Independent Construction Services.
John Miller, Financial Advisor, Ehlers.

IV.    Public comment.

V.    Consent Agenda (Roll call vote).  Motions to approve the following:

A.   Minutes of previous meeting(s).

B.    Invoices to be paid.

C.    Resolution No. 73 regarding appointment of Roberta Richter as the Library’s IMRF Authorized Agent.

D.    Ordinance No. 189:  Monthly Board meeting dates for FY12-13.

E.      Ordinance No. 190: Prevailing rate of wages.

VI.    Committee reports.

A.    Finance committee.
1.    Review FY 12-13 budget timetable.
2.    Schedule meeting.

B.  Policy and Personnel committee.
Schedule meeting.

C.    Library Development committee.

1.    Schedule meeting for annual walk-through of Library.
2.    Discuss Trivia Night fundraiser scheduled for Saturday, November 3.

VII.     Unfinished business.

Website redesign proposals; motion to authorize Library staff to make decision.
VIII.    New business.  Motions to approve the following:

A.   Ordinance No. 191:
An Ordinance authorizing and providing for the issue of not to
exceed $1,500,000 General Obligation Limited Tax Refunding
Debt Certificates, Series 2012A, evidencing the rights to payment
under an Installment Purchase Agreement, for the purpose of
refunding certain outstanding debt certificates of said Library
District, and providing for the security for and means of payment
under said Installment Purchase Agreement of said Certificates.

B.    Ordinance No. 192:
An Ordinance authorizing and directing the execution of an Escrow Agreement in connection with the issue of General Obligation Limited Tax Refunding Debt Certificates, Series 2012A, of the La Grange Park Public Library District, Cook County, Illinois.

C.    Selection of  two trustees to audit Secretary’s books.

D.     Engagement letter submitted by McClure Inserra & Company Chartered for the audit    of the Library for the year ended June 30, 2012.

IX.     Communications, correspondence and meetings.

A.  RAILS correspondence, meetings, etc.
B.  Friends of the Library.
C.  Other.

X.    Library staff reports.

A.  Children’s Services Director’s report.

B.  Young Adult Librarian’s report.

C.  Adult Services Director’s report.

D.  Circulation Services Director’s report.

E.  Executive Director’s report.

XI.    Open discussion/Board comments.

XII.    Adjourn.