The Board of Trustees of the La Grange Park Public Library met at 7:00 p.m. in regular session
on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Call to Order/Roll Call
The meeting was called to order by President Foster. Upon roll call, the following persons were
present: Trustees Foster, Hurley, Lee, Seguin, Dominguez, Whitman. Trustee Fagan was absent.
Executive Director Dixie Conkis was present.
Introduction of Visitor(s)
Ursula Stanek, Circulation Services Director, described some of the challenges of running the
Circulation Department. She also discussed the book selection process.
Public Comment
Consent Agenda
The consent agenda was approved 6-0 following a roll call vote. It included:
· Regular Minutes of November 22, 2011 .
· Special Minutes of January 17, 2012
· Invoices to be Paid for the amount of $35,204.16 for the month of December 2011
· Invoices to be Paid for the amount of $45,171.59 for the month of January 2012
Treasurer’s Report –
1) Trustee Dominguez asked why the transfer amounts vary. Executive Director
Conkis explained that they include not only employee salaries but also all other
library expenses. She also discussed how part-timers are paid.
2) Trustee Dominguez questioned the need for unemployment insurance. Executive
Director Conkis will consult Manager Bereckis regarding this.
Committee Reports
b) Finance Committee – no meeting held.
c) Policy and Personnel Committee – Review of employee handbook will continue at a
meeting on Tuesday, Feb 21.
d) Library Development Committee – Committee to meet on Wed, Feb 15. Board discussed
fund-raising ideas such as a coin machine.
Unfinished Business
ADA Accessibility Project — Executive Director Conkis circulated the proposal from
Independent Construction Services dated August 3, 2011 in which it stated a fee of 7.5% of
total costs for the project. The Board indicated it needs a detailed proposal including scope
of work once we get a budget for the ADA Accessibility Project.
New Business
La Grange Park Public Library
Meeting Minutes of January 24, 2012
Trustee Lee moved to authorize the Board President or Executive Director to sign a contract with
the electricity provider that wins the NIMEC (Northern IL municipal Electric Cooperative)
bid and the motion passed.
Trustee Lee moved to keep the minutes of executives sessions closed at this time and the motion
Communications, Correspondence and Meetings
Trustee Lee reminded everyone that a new law requires all Board members to complete the Open
Meetings Act training on the web in 2012.
Board members planning to go to Springfield on April 18 for Legislative Day.
Executive Director Conkis will participate in a panel presentation in October 2012 on “Giving
Focus to Your Marketing Vision”.
Open Discussion
Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.
Ann Lee