The Board of Trustees of the La Grange Park Public Library
met at 7:00 p.m. in regular session
on Tuesday, June 26, 2012.


Call to Order/Roll


The meeting was called to order by President Foster. Upon
roll call, the following persons were present: Trustees Hurley, Fagan, Seguin,
Dominguez, and Whitman. Trustee Lee was not present. Executive Director Dixie
COnkis was also present.


Introduction of


Roberta Richter, Business Manager, La
Grange Park Public

Dan Eallonardo, Construction Manager, Independent
Construction Services

John Miller, Financial Advisor, Ehlers.


Public Comment




Construction update


Dan Eallonardo gave an update of the construction project:


  • Lot to be paved on
    Tursday, June 28; striping to occur on Friday, June 29. Striping will be yellow
  • Landscaping will be installed. One good watering
    is included in the landscaping contract; subsequent watering to be library’s
    responsibility. Board requested Dan get a quote on price of landscaper
    continuing to water rather than library in light of the hot weather.
  • Curbs have been installed rather than stoppers
    on the south end of the lot.
  • Snafu included the discovery of a foundation,
    perhaps from the house formerly on the lot. Removed what was necessary to
    complete drainage work.
  • Costs appear to be reduced by approximately
    $4,000 and that may drop even more. Best estimate is ending project cost of
    $170,000; original budget was $185,000.
  • Repair of motion lights discussed; may be more
    cost effective to replace lights.
  • Bike racks will have epoxy on bolts to guard
    against theft.
  • Hand rail left to be painted; Executive Director
    Conkis to select color.


Refinancing of
Library Debt


John Miller of Ehler & Associates discussed the
Parameters Ordinance. After the parameter issue is approved, teh organization
moves ahead to seek refinancing alternatives. The Board has established a
minimum threshold, a net savings of $50,000.


Trustee Seguin
moved that we vote on Ordinance 191:


authorizing and providing for the issue of not to exceed $1,500,000 General
Obligation Limited Tax Refunding  Debt
Certificates, Series 2012A, evidencing the rights to payment under an
Installment Purchase Agreement, for the purpose of refunding certain
outstanding debt certificates of said Library District, and providing for the
security for and means of payment under said Installment Purchase Agreement of
said Certificates.


Trustee Fagan seconded. Ordinance 191 passed by a roll call
vote of 6 aye; 0 nay


Trustee Fagan moved that we vote on Ordinance 192:


authorizing and directing the execution of an Escrow Agreement in connection
with the issue of General Obligation Limited Tax Refunding Debt Certificates,
Series 2012A, of the LaGrange Park Public Library District, Cook County,


Trustee Whitman seconded. Ordinance 192 passed by a roll
call vote of 6 aye; 0 nay.


Trustee Hurley motioned to vote on Resolution 73:


appointing Roberta Richter as the Authorized Agent to the Illinois Municipal
Retirement Fund for the La Grange Park Public Library District.


Trustee Whitman seconded. Resolution 73 passed by a roll
call vote of 6 aye; 0 nay.



Trustee Seguin
motioned to vote on Ordinance 190:




Trustee Hurley seconded. Ordinance 190 passed by a roll call
vote of 6 aye; 0 nay.


Audit of Secretary’s
Trustee Hurley and Trustee Fagan will audit the books.


Consent Agenda


  • Trustee Hurley motioned to pay the invoices for
    the amount of $37,378.00 and Trustee J. Seguin seconded the  motion. Motion carried by a vote of 6 ayes; 0


Trustee Hurley requested the minutes of May 22, 2012 be pulled from the consent agenda
to make a correction: Under Communications, Correspondence and Meeting, bullet
4 should read “Brookfield-LaGrange Park Lions donated a very generous
$1,000 for books” rather than ….Brookfield La Grange Park Kiwanis.


Correction made, Trustee Fagan motioned to file the minutes
and Trustee Seguin seconded the motion. Motion carried by a vote of 6 ayes; 0


Committee Reports


A.  Finance committee – meeting scheduled for
July 10 at 7:00/


B.  Policy and Personnel Committee scheduled for
July 10 at 7:45p to perform the         Executive
Director’s annual review.


C.  Library Development


  • Annual
    walk-through of library facilities will be done Monday, July 2 at 10:00 a.m. by Trustees Hurley, Seguin
    and Whitman and Business Manager Richter.
  • Meeting
    with Tari Marshall on July 9.
    Trustee Fagan to discuss Trivia Night, decide on a theme, discuss publicity for
    the event.


Unfinished business


  • Website
    3 proposal have come in. The Board believes that Executive
    Director Conkis and staff should make the final selection.
  • Trustee Hurley moved that Executive Director
    Conkis be given a $25,000 maximum to rebid the quote for the website. Trustee Seguin
    seconded. The motion carried by a vote of 6 ayes; 0 nays.
  • Trustee Hurley moved that the Board approve
    hiring of McClure Inserra as auditor. Trustee Whitman seconded. The motion




New business


  • Discussion of development of new behavior
    management policy.
  • Discussion of possible computer access policy
    whereby time would be limited on the library’s computers by patrons as is done
    in other libraries in the area.


Correspondence and Meetings


  • Aging Care Connections Senior Benefits check-ups
    for Seniors to be held at the Library.


  • ISA ILA house
    bill 3637. Personal property replacement tax. Thank you to members for their
    efforts to help defeat the house bill to use Library tax funds toward the
    State’s obligation to pension funds specifically those benefiting teachers.


  • Executive Director Conkis indicated that the
    Library received an anonymous donation of a German book detailing the secrets
    of a munitions factory during the War. The book is an original. Ursula Stanek,
    Circulation Services Director, in turn donated this book to the Holocaust
    Museum in Washington
    D.C. They were ecstatic to receive it, as
    they have only a copy of this same volume. Possibility of further publicity via
    the Chicago newspapers, TV


  • Executive Director Conkis and Circulation
    Services  Director Stanek attended a
    fact-finding session on an Illinois Dept of Human Rights lawsuit on June 22.
    Decision is pending on the public accommodation.


  • Trustee Seguin
    presented a flyer on a hoist for possible purchase by the Library so that
    ceiling light bulbs can be easily changed. Trustee Seguin
    to investigate cost and on-site storage possibilities for the hoist.


Open Discussion


  • Trustee Hurley congratulated Executive Director
    Conkis on behalf of the Board for her 35 years of services to La Grange Park
    Public Library.
  • President Foster apprised the Board of her
    health condition; Vice President Seguin to step in as needed.


Meeting adjourned at 9:10


Laurie Whitman, acting Secretary