The Board
of Trustees of the La Grange Park Public Library met at 7:00
in regular session on Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Call to Order/Roll Call

meeting was called to order by President Foster. Upon roll call, the following
persons were present: Trustees Hurley, Lee, Fagan, Seguin, Dominguez, and Whitman.  Executive Director Dixie Conkis was present.


Introduction of Visitor(s)

Larsen, Financial Advisor, Ehlers & Associates

Eallonardo, ICS

Zelezniek, new Assistant Circulation Services Manager



Public Comment



Minutes and Invoices

Lee moved to approve the minutes of April 24, 2012 and the motion passed.


Lee moved to approve the Invoices to be Paid in the amount of $33,405.03 for
May 2012.  The motion passed in a roll
call vote 7-0.


Committee Reports

  1. Finance Committee – No report.
  2. Policy and Personnel Committee
    – No report.
  3. Library Development Committee – Trustee Fagan reported that Trivia Night will be Saturday,
    November 3.


Unfinished Business


  • Dan
    Eallonardo, ICS, reported on progress of accessibility project.  Portion of concrete work for Phase I is
    complete.  In transition phase, getting
    equipment together for Phase II when front entrance will be closed for a few
    days.   Timeframes remain the same. Jason
    O’Dell from Illinois State Library visited library to check on project and was
    satisfied with the progress.


  • Steve
    Larsen, Ehlers & Associates, discussed possible refinancing of library
    debt, the 2004 debt certificates.  As
    interest rates have gone down further, this could represent a savings for the
    library. Board suggested that Steve Larsen prepare a Parameters Ordinance for
    the June Board Meeting. This would give authority to the Board President and
    another officer to move ahead with the refinancing should the savings meet the
    minimum threshold, a net present savings of $50,000.



  • Trustees
    Seguin and Whitman will complete
    facilities walk-through in June.
    Executive Director Conkis suggested that Kate Zdenek could conduct the
    walk-through.  If Trustee Hurley goes, it
    will be published as an open meeting.


  • Trustee
    Fagan moved to approve the ordinance authorizing public library non-resident
    cards and the motion passed 7-0 in a roll call vote.


  • Executive
    Director Conkis reported on website user survey results and will scan the
    comments for the Board.  Tari Marshall
    prepared a summary of the website analysis.
    The over-arching message was that site needs to be simplified for
    residents and for staff.



Correspondence and Meetings

  • Comments
    from patrons in the suggestion box: praise from resident on the friendly staff,
    request for cold drinks.
  • Executive
    Director Conkis and Circulation Services Director Stanek are attending the
    fact-finding conference on an Illinois Dept. of Human Rights lawsuit on June
  • Brookfield-La
    Grange Park Kiwanis donated a very generous $1,000 for books.
  • Friends
    of the Library are committing to $2,000 per quarter, reduced from $4,000, since
    donations are down in the book store.




  • Trustee
    Hurley praised the staff, noting that library cards are up, circulation is up
    and 100% of the reference questions are answered the same day.
  • Board
    thanked the staff for participation in the Empty Bowls and noted the many
    residents who praised the library at the event.  Over 75 people stopped at the library booth.


Open Discussion

The Board noted that Business Manager Bereckis’ departure would be a loss for the library.


Trustee Hurley moved that Board go into Executive Session
to discuss a personnel matter per Section 2(c)1 of the Open Meetings Act and
the motion passed 7-0 in a roll call vote.


Board went into Executive Session at
9:32 pm

The Board resumed its regular
meeting at
9:50 pm


The meeting adjourned at 9:51 pm




Ann Lee