Posted by Sam (YA Librarian) on November 26, 2013

One of our excellent Children’s Librarians, Margaret, reviewed Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

Thanks Margaret!



 Aristotle and Dante Discover the Universe by, Benjamin Alire Saenz (2012); 359 pages

This is definitely one of my YA favorites!

Poetic images of two teen boys beautifully written in a thoughtful, pontificating tone with short, smart dialogue. The pace of this story of self-discovery reflects the short impulsive spurts of genius that collect in a teenage mind. The inspiring and pensive lines of the main character, Ari, in the back of his pick-up truck, were a wonderful connection to the stress and confusion of the teenage years. Complicated relationships between friends and family have a universal connection and the teenage voices are authentic and real. A great choice for middle school and high school reading levels.

Favorite lines:

“High school was just a prologue to the real novel.”

“My life is still someone else’s idea.”

“Maybe we just live between hurting and healing.”

“Everybody got to write you- but when you graduated, you got to write yourself.”