Posted by Sam (YA Librarian) on April 4, 2014

I love reading all your suggestions! Keep ‘em coming!

Your Suggestions

Suggestion: A graphic novel bibliography for when you’re in a hurry and need some good titles.

Response: Love this idea! I’ve created a bibliography for the graphic novels (the first of many, I hope) that you can find in the YA Department  and here.


Suggestion: More copies of Divergent. And more Veronica Roth books. (Two separate suggestions).

Response: I’m not familiar with this – JUST KIDDING! I have two copies of Divergent in the regular collection, 1 copy in the Lucky Day collection, and 1 copy on 2 of the circulating Kindles (you can check the Kindles out at the Reference Desk), plus audiobooks and ebooks. Take a look at what we have here.


Suggestion:  A computer area, bean bags and papasan chairs, and drawing supplies.

Response: The YA Department has 2 laptops that can be used by teens who have a current library card with access to unfiltered internet. Stop by the Reference Desk to use one in the Library.  I would love to put more seating in the YA Department – bean bags might be doable, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the space for a papasan chair. Drawing supplies – great suggestion! I actually have a whole bunch of drawing supplies that you can use – just come visit me at the Reference Desk whenever you want to borrow them.


Suggestion: The Walking Dead movie night (where you watch all the series of the Walking Dead).

Response: Eek! *hides* I’ll talk to the Adult Librarians about this.


Suggestions: More Alice in the Country of Hearts.

Response: Great! I’ll order more.


Suggestion: Can we have GTA Vice City for the PS3?

Response: As far as I can tell, this particular title is only available as a download. If you’re interested in other GTA titles, you’ll find them in the Adult Video Game collection.


Suggestion: Many suggestions for an anime club.

Response: I’m starting one this summer, so keep your eyes peeled for info in the YA Department, in the newsletter, and online.


Suggestion: I need some more choices in Young Adult books….

Response: I’m always happy to talk about books, so if you’re not finding what you’re looking for (and even if you are), please feel free to visit me. In the meantime, I have a list of titles that are appropriate for grades 7 and up, which you can find in the YA Department and here.


Suggestion: Sword Art Online manga

Response: I’m always looking for new manga to add to the collection, so… done!


Suggestion: Angel Beats or Blue Exorcist

Response: Blue Exorcist is a toughie. I’ve had it before, but unfortunately, it just didn’t work with my collection.  Angel Beats, on the other hand, I have in the YA DVD collection.


Suggestion: Water slide.

Response: How I wish! Can you imagine how awesome this would be?


Suggestion: I think we should have a Mortal Instruments party! Everyone loves the books, we can have the first movie on and get rune tattoos.

Response: I’m over the moon to have a program suggestion! I’ll be doing this over the summer, so look for info in the YA Department, the newsletter, and online.


Thank you a million times over for helping me with the YA Department.

Til next time.