Posted by Sam (YA Librarian) on July 8, 2014


Your Suggestions

Suggestion: Maybe 2 or 3 iPads but they are set in place so no one can steal them

Response: I would love to have iPads secured in the YA Department someday, but in the meantime, stop by the Reference Desk to borrow the Teen iPad.

Suggestion: 8 requests for Japanese food night, 1 for Mexican appreciation night, 1 for Italian food night, and 1 for Culture night

Response: Since I had so many requests, I am going to do a Culture Night in the Fall. More details will be in the next newsletter and online.

Suggestion: If you go on manga/anime apps, you can see some of the popular anime. Get Beezlebub!

Response: Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll take a look.

Suggestion: Wild Ones rocks!

Response: Yes, yes it does.

Suggestion: 3 requests for Mairunovich

Response: I’d love to buy this for the collection because it sounds awesome, however, I can’t find a place to purchase it. :(

Suggestion: Phone chargers

Response: We have phone chargers at the Reference Desk. Feel free to stop by to borrow one.

Suggestion: Food

Response: Lol. What kind? I serve food at every single YA Program. Does that count?

Suggestion: Sword Art Online manga!

Response: The first two volumes are on order, so check the “New Graphic Novels” section in a few weeks.

Suggestion: Add more anime

Response: Yep!

Suggestion: Say I Love You - 4 requests for this manga

Response: I have the first three volumes on order, so check the “New Graphic Novels” section in a few weeks.

Suggestion: 3 requests for anime magazines

Response: I used to have Shonen Jump on the iPad. Should I renew the subscription? Or is there another magazine you’re interested in?

Suggestion: 4 requests for Anime Club.

Response: The first meeting was June 18. The next meeting is July 16. You can sign up here.

Suggestion: When are we going to have animations?

Response: Do you mean Anime Club? Or a claymation class? I’m intrigued by your question!

Suggestion: More sewing books and crafting books would be great!

Response: I’m on it! They might not come in all at once, but I’ll definitely be adding them to the YA collection.

Suggestion: Love Prize!

Response:  I’m sorry to say that I’m also having a hard time finding this manga, which is too bad because in my opinion, it looks AMAZING!

Suggestion: Get the rest of Gunslinger Girl

Response: You got it! I bet you can guess what I’m going to write next. They’re on order, so check the “New Graphic Novels” section in a few weeks.

Suggestion: A day to a week where kids (all ages) have a day to hang out and have FUN! (with snacks)

Response: I try to do a variety of YA Programs (all of them include snacks!). Is there a particular type of hangout program that I should have?

Suggestion: Danganronpa

Response: I passed this onto our librarian who purchases video games for the Adult collection.

Suggestion: Hentai

Response: I passed this onto our librarian who purchases graphic novels for the Adult collection.

Suggestion: Grey’s Anatomy

Response: I swear I’m not a bot, but my response will make me sound like one. I passed this onto our librarian who purchases DVDs for the Adult collection.

Suggestion: Tactics

Response: Since this is a TokyoPop manga, I’m having a hard time locating the rest of the series. I’ll keep you posted.

Suggestion: Is there volunteering over the summer for the YA Department?

Response: Actually, I have volunteers all year round, but my program is run differently than the Children’s volunteer program.  Stop by the Reference Desk to pick up an application, and I’ll explain how it works.

Suggestion: Have a little snack bar and TV.

Response: Oh man, if we had a snack bar and TV that would be awesome! Brutus agrees!brutus

Phew! That was a huge backlog, for which I do apologize! I’m so glad to have your suggestions. You’re all the best!