Posted by Sam (YA Librarian) on August 14, 2014

Your Suggestions

Suggestion: Do you have Attack on Titan 13. I really want it.

Response: I ordered this for the collection. However, it isn’t out until August 26, so it may be a few more weeks before it’s available. May I suggest Tegami Bachi in the meantime?

Suggestion: More vampire stuff! But not inappropriate and not for older teens.

Response: How about these titles? Vampire High by Douglas Rees, Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan, Chibi Vampire by Yuna Kagesaki, or Sucks to Be Me by Kimberly Pauley.

Suggestion: Chocolate Fountain/Chocolate Day

Response: You guys always think of the best things! I am totally going to investigate this delicious idea. Chocolate Day is in the works!

Suggestion: Say I Love You – get it.

Response: Done! You can find the first two volumes in the collection.

Suggestions: Sleeping with Sirens

Response: I haven’t had a music recommendation in ages! I ordered two of their albums for the collection, which I hope to have available to you in the next few weeks.

As always, many thanks for helping out with the YA Department!