Posted by Gesiel (Teen Advisory Board Member) on March 7, 2012

Technology is what allows me to surf the web and find information for projects and school. Its because of technology I can ride a bus to school and back, instead of walking that hour long trip,(and I know how it feels) or my parents can drive to their work places hours away. Technology is what allowed me to fly in an airplane to the U.S. from Puerto Rico when i was younger, because of technology I can call my grandmother that now lives in Puerto Rico. I can listen to music on the go because of technology, play video games because of technology, and of course read manga because of technology. In the end not just my life but my families life, and my friend’s life, and everyone’s life revolve around technology, because technology can be something as simple as an old typewriter or even a stick and stone spear, technology is man kind’s tool of survival and growth.